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Thanks Cool.

PostPosted: May 22, 2005 5:29 pm
by oldcoot
O.C. plants a LOT of Sunflowers because both he and his dslw love them. He'll remember that next year and try it out. Let you know how he make out...

O.C. HAS run string before with Moon Vines and had one HUGE bloom last yerar, but they were in too much shade. So this year he moved them back over to the side of the yard which gets more sun. They can run run up a large length of bare chain link fence where I had them before, and did really well there. Will try to document their growth for you...

The usually FUNNY and always most FRIENDLY Old Coot named John, a Gardener for the Lord, saying thank YOU LORD for his good friends that share and for the nice rain that has made all his plants grow so well this year