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Future waterfall . . . suggestions??

PostPosted: Jun 09, 2008 7:49 pm
by Arlene
We're building a new house on a Tennessee ridge. Under the surface dirt is beautiful BLUE stone . . . lots of it was dug out for walkout basement, so I have quite a bit for landscaping.

This stone ledge was left in place at the east end of the walkout. We asked our dozer-guy to cantilever a slab over it and anchor it with other slabs, hoping to waterfall the water from our geothermal system over it into either a small pond or a rock filled basin, pumping it back up, of course.

Any suggestions? I'm an absolute pond-novice -- but I'm eager to learn -- in fact, we're going on a pond walk June 21!!


PostPosted: Jun 30, 2008 10:57 am
by Hapygdnr
Hi Arlene
Just had a bit of time to ck around here and came accross your post. Wondering how the the pond walk was? Did you get any suggetions for the project at your new house? Looks like you have an excellent starting point. I have always wished for a waterfall/pond/stream and would love to hear and see more about what you come up with. A new geothermal house too! Very smart, I think! Could you please tell more about that too, when you have time of course. This is a busy time of yr anyway and I imagine more so for you with building a new house and all that goes with it. Thanks.