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Postby Spider » Apr 19, 2010 10:31 am

Should I leave the bulbs in the pot now that the leaves are done? Will they harm the growth of a Hosta they could be planted with or any herbs I could plant with them? I know you can't put the cut flowers with other flowers so that is why I'm asking.

If I should store the bulbs, a paper bag in the pantry would be OK?
Spider's Hosta List There are photos there too :)

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Re: Daffodils

Postby party_music50 » Apr 20, 2010 8:35 am

Hi. I'm not quite sure what you're asking...

I know that you grow all of your hostas in pots, due to the climate there. Are you asking if you can repot them with daff bulbs beneath them?

I grow daffs everywhere, but our climates are very different! Once the leaves are spent, the nutrients have gone back into the bulb. As far as storing them: If it's extremely hot/warm where you are, I'd leave them potted with the soil dried for extra protection. If possible, I'd store them in the refrigerator. :) I assume you would then plant out in autumn, or pot them for next spring, and resume watering then.

I've never known daffodils to inhibit the growth of anything, and I've always read it was cut tulips that would harm other plants due to their toxic sap. But I've also read that you just need to place them in separate water for about an hour and then you can move them to fresh water with other cut flowers without problem. FWIW: I cut a vase of pink tulips and bleeding heart last year and they were gorgeous -- I don't think I bothered with separate water initially. lol!
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