Betty got her spay done

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Betty got her spay done

Postby Annie » Dec 06, 2009 9:34 pm

This was the second attempt at getting Betty spayed. The first time she had a bad reaction to the stuff they knock them out with, instead of putting her to sleep it made her hyper as all get out. So they sent her home to come back another day. I was putting it off for as long as I felt I should, because me and vets and my pets weren't having much luck!

So I decided to take her back. When they got her done they called and told me she was doing good. BUT....they had to hurry up and take her off the gas machine because she almost died! So they had like 4 mins to finish closing her back up. To hurry they used staples instead of stitches. Went to pick her up, with Muffy's help of course. And as I was holding her she started bleeding really bad. So the lady there took her back to make sure she didn't pull any staples out. She didn't.

Seems she is VERY sensitive to ANY anestesia. So if she has to have any type of surgery where they have to knock her out it will be very dangrouse for her :(

Bev, (Muffy) is watching her this week because I work full time and can't keep an eye on her. So Muffy to the rescue again LOL.

But anyway today Betty is doing MUCH better!
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Betty got her spay done



Re: Betty got her spay done

Postby party_music50 » Dec 06, 2009 10:26 pm

OMG! I'm glad she's alright now. I'd be a nervous wreck about her problems with anesthesia! Poor thing.
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Re: Betty got her spay done

Postby Kas » Dec 06, 2009 11:18 pm

The pre-anesthesia drug most commonly used (Acepromazine) is deadly to boxers. But that isn't a shocking side effect if you know about it. One of our friend's brother's champion they imported from England died having his teeth cleaned. The vet didn't know about the reaction beforehand. Very sad for them. The vet did replace the dog with one similar in value, but they lost their friend. Another warning to boxer owners is to make sure any sedative for travel should be checked to make sure it isn't Acepromazine.

I am so glad Betty is on the mend. I hope she stays healthy so she doesn't need to go under again! How scary!

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Re: Betty got her spay done

Postby LucyGoose » Dec 07, 2009 7:47 am

Wow, that sure is scary!! And like you said, it's the future stuff you will have to worry about......too bad she can't wear that tag around her neck saying she is allergic to that stuff....but then maybe you could have a label on the collar......Glas she is at Muffy's being watched......giver her a pat for us! :snow:
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Re: Betty got her spay done

Postby Linda P » Dec 07, 2009 8:11 am

Oh, poor Betty. I'm glad she pulled through. My 'grandog', a Sheltie, had a couple of close calls with anesthesia. Scary stuff.
Glad Aunt Muffy is dogsitting!
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Re: Betty got her spay done

Postby Ginger » Dec 08, 2009 2:59 pm

Annie, I am glad all went well in the long run, and glad you found out about the reaction before she had to have surgery that took a long time!

Kas that is interesting about boxers. I will have to check and see what my vet uses because my boxers have had to go under several times in their lives and they all three did just fine. No problems at all.

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