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Painting tile?

PostPosted: Mar 08, 2005 1:05 pm
by Annie
Anyone ever done this?
buying store bought tiles, and painting them yourselves.
I seen a tv show on how to do this but I forgot!
I'm wanting to make my own design for my backsplash behind my sink.

All I remember is that they painted the tile and had to put it into the oven for so long.

PostPosted: Mar 09, 2005 6:07 am
by dian57
If you have a ceramic shop around you, they sell blank greenware tiles you can paint and they'll fire for you.

Sounds like you're looking more for a paint that goes over already fired tiles. I know if you apply a coat of Kilz to a ceramic tile, it will accept all kinds of paint. But I'm not sure about long-term wearability, especially permanently installed in a backsplash.

Try doing a Google search on the technique. Maybe there's a paint especially for this application that I'm not familiar with. . .yet. Sounds like facinating possibilities await.