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PostPosted: Jun 19, 2019 9:33 am
by Soummer
My plan is to make shawls as Christmas gifts for some or all of my girl list-dwellers. That's somewhere between one and fourteen shawls :)

I had some custom yarn made for the first one, and have had a devil of a time finding a pattern that made sense for the colorway.

Its cream, buttercream, charcoal, and sparkly polished wool, silk, lurex, and cotton. All four colors run the entire length of the yarn, so it's not your standard variegated yarn that changes color every few inches or yards. It looks like solid gold from a few feet away 8-)

I stitched a few repeats following the pattern I had started with and it just wasnt working. The busyness of the yarn completely hid the crochet pattern. And that pattern was not simple! If I'm going to spend that much time making it, I want the pattern and my work to show :roll:

Finally I found a simple pattern that let's the yarn shine while keeping me from pulling my hair out! But all that hassle kinda damped my crochet mojo. So I'm sharing to give myself some accountability :o

I have thoughtfully provided more pictures than strictly necessary :D