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Postby whamadiddle » Jan 31, 2005 8:19 am

my interest in hostas started in 1995 when we bought a house in a woods on 1-1/3 acres. having moved from a sunny suburban location, i was quite dissapointed that those 'flowers' did not grow here very well. there were 3 different hosta varieties on the property and i soon found out why. well to keep this short - about 3 years ago i decided to make this a hosta wonderland. i work out of my house and when i need a break, i stroll out into the gardens and play in the gardens. the 3 varieties have turned into 800+ varieties and i don't see any curtailing in the immediate future. i still have about 2/3 of the yard to clear out the underbrush and plant. along the way i have cleared out some trees and now have a little more sun which has lead to 2 new collections - conifers and daylilies - but that is for another time..... ken
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cbiiidesigns page



cbiiidesigns hosta list

Postby whamadiddle » Jan 31, 2005 8:24 am

Here is my list of hostas as of May 18, 2008:

'A Many Splendored Thing'
'A-10 Hut'
'Abba Dabba Do'
'Abiqua Blue Crinkles'
'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
'Abiqua Elephant Ears'
'Abiqua Moonbeam'
'Abiqua Recluse'
'Abiqua Zodiac'
'About Face'
'Academy Blushing Recluse'
'Academy Celeborn'
'Academy Redundant'
'Achy Breaky Heart'
'Afternoon Delight'
'Alabama Gold'
'Alex Summers'
'Alice Gladden'
'Alice in Wonderland'
'Aliyah's Grace'
'All That Jazz'
'Allan P. McConnell'
'Allegan Fog'
'Allen C. Haskell'
'Alley Oop'
'Alligator Shoes'
'Alvatine Taylor'
'Am I Blue'
'Amazing Grace'
'Amber Maiden'
'Amber Tiara'
'American Dream'
'American Eagle'
'American Green Quilt'
'American Halo'
'American Icon' PPAF
'American Masterpiece'
'American Misty'
'American Sweetheart'
'Amethyst Gem'
'Amigi Nishiki'
'Amy Elizabeth'
'Angel Eyes'
'Angel Feathers'
'Ann Kulpa'
'Aoki Variegated'
'Apple Court'
'Aqua Velva'
'Arc de Triomphe'
'Aristocrat' PP11286
'Artic Blast'
'Artic Circle'
'Artist's Palette'
'Aspen Gold'
'Atlantis' PPAF
'August Beauty'
'August Moon'
'Aurora Borealis'
'Austin Dickinson'
'Azure Snow'

'Baby Bunting'
'Banana Boat'
'Band of Gold'
'Band of Gold' streaked
'Barbara Ann'
'Beckoning' PPAF
'Bell Bottom Blues'
'Betsy King'
'Big Boy'
'Big Daddy'
'Big John'
'Big Mama'
'Big Sam'
'Big Top'
'Big Yellow Taxi'
'Bigga Luigi'
'Bigga Luigi' splash
'Bill Brinka'
'Bill Dress's Blue'
'Birchwood Elegance'
'Birchwood Parky's Gold
'Bix Blues'
'Black Beauty'
'Black Hills'
'Black Jack Chew'
'Blackberry Tart'
'Blaze of Glory'
'Blazing Saddles'
'Blonde Elf'
'Blue Angel'
'Blue Arch Duke'
'Blue Arrow'
'Blue Belle' (TF2X22)
'Blue Blazes'
'Blue Boy'
'Blue Cadet'
'Blue Canoe'
'Blue Clown'
'Blue Dimples' TF2X8
'Blue Dragon Wings'
'Blue Flame'
'Blue Frost'
'Blue Hawaii'
'Blue Ice'
'Blue Jay'
'Blue Jewel'
'Blue June'
'Blue Lollipop'
'Blue Mammoth'
'Blue Maui'
'Blue Monday'
'Blue Moon'
'Blue Motorscooter'
'Blue Mouse Ears'
'Blue Plate Special'
'Blue Plisse'
'Blue Points'
'Blue River'
'Blue Shadows'
'Blue Silver'
'Blue Sophistication'
'Blue Umbrellas'
'Blue Umbrellas Streaked'
'Blue Veil'
'Blue Vision'
'Blueberry Tart'
'Blue-Haired Lady'
'Bob Deane'
'Bobbie Sue'
'Bodacious Blue'
'Bold and Brassy'
'Borwick Beauty'
'Bottom Line'
'Brash & Sassy'
'Brass Ring'
'Brave Amhurst'
'Brave Attempt'
'Brazen Hussy'
'Breeder's Choice'
'Brenda's Beauty'
'Bressingham Blue'
'Bridal Veil'
'Bright Lights'
'Brim Cup'
'Brother Ronald' (TF2X30)
'Brother Stephan'
'Buckwheat Honey'
'Buttered Popcorn'
'Buzzard's Bay'

'Cajun Sunrise'
'Canadian Blue'
'Canadian Shield'
'Candy Dish'
'Candy Hearts'
'Captain Kirk'
'Cardwell Yellow'
'Carolina Blue'
'Carolina Sunshine'
'Cathedral Windows'
'Cathy's Clown'
'Celebration of Angels'
'Center of Attention'
'Champagne & Cavier'
'Change of Tradition'
'Chantilly Lace"
'Chariots of Fire'
'Chartreuse Wiggles'
'Chartruese Wedge'
'Cheatin' Heart'
'Cherry Berry'
'Cherry Tart'
'Chesapeake Bay'
'Chesterland Gold'
'Chinese Dragon'
'Chinese Sunrise'
'Chodai Ginba'
'Choo Choo Train'
'Christmas Candy' PPAF
'Christmas Charm'
'Christmas Cookies'
'Christmas Pageant'
'Christmas Tree'
'Christmas Tree Gala'
'Cinnamon Sticks'
'Clear Fork River Valley'
'Clifford's Comet'
'Clifford's Stingray'
'Clown's Collar'
'Collector's Banner'
'Color Fantasy'
'Color Glory'
'Color Parade'
'Color Parade' sport
'Color Riot'
'Columbus Circle'
'Confetti Cup'
'Cool Hand Luke'
'Copa Cabana'
'Corn Belt'
'Country Mouse'
'Cracker Crumbs'
'Craig's Temptation'
'Crazy Quilt'
'Cream Cheese'
'Crested Reef'
'Crested Surf'
'Crinkle Cup'
'Crocodile Rock'
'Cross Stitch'
'Crowned Imperial'
'Crystal Chimes'
'Crystal Tiara'
'Curtain Call'
'Cutting Edge'

'Dale's Blue Gray'
'Dalton's Pick'
'Dance With Me'
'Dancing in the Rain'
'Dancing Queen'
'Dark Shadows'
'Dark Star'
'Dartmoor Forest'
'Darwin's Standard'
'Daughter of Ledi Lantis'
'David Haskell'
'David Reath'
'Dawn's Early Light'
'Day Dream'
'Day Watch'
'Day's End'
'Deane's Dream'
'Deep Blue Sea'
'Deep Pockets'
'Dee's Golden Jewel'
'Deja Blue'
'Delta Dawn'
'Delta Desire'
'Delta Pride'
'Deluxe Edition'
'Designer Genes'
'Diamond Tiara'
'Diana Remembered'
'Diane Gray Dalton'
'Dick Ward'
'Dippity Dew'
'Dixieland Heat'
'Domaine De Courson'
'Don Quixote'
'Don Stevens'
'Donahue Piecrust'
'Dorothy Benedict'
'Dorset Blue'
'Dorset Clown'
'Double Dutch'
'Dragon Fire'
'Dragon Lady'
'Dragon Tails'
'Drawn Butter'
'Dream Queen'
'Dream Weaver'
'Dress Blues'
'Drip Drop'
'Drummer Boy'
'DuPage Delight'
'Dust Devil'
'Dylan's Dilly'

'Eagle Spirit'
'Eagle's Nest'
'Earth Angel'
'Easter Morning'
'Ebb Tide'
'Ebony Towers'
'Edge of Night'
'Edina Heritage'
'El Capitan'
'El Nino' PPAF
'Eleanor Reath'
'Electrum Stater'
'Elvis Lives'
'Emerald Necklace'
'Emerald Ruff Cut'
'Emerald Tiara'
'Emeralds and Rubies'
'Emily Dickinson'
'Empire State'
'Empress Wu'
'English Sunrise'
'Eola Sapphire'
'Eskimo Pie' PPAF
'Essence of Summer'
'Eternal Father'
'Eternal Flame'
'Everlasting Love'
'Everlasting Love' sport
'Eye Catcher'
'Eye Declare'

'Fair Maiden'
'Fairway Green'
'Faithful Heart'
'Fall Emerald'
'Fallen Angel'
'Fan Dance'
'Fantasy Island'
'Fat Cat'
'Fat Cheeks'
'Fatal Attraction'
'Feather Boa'
'Fickle Blue Genes'
'Fire & Brimstone'
'Fire & Ice'
'Fire Island'
'Fire Opal'
'First Frost'
'First Mate'
'First Strike'
'Five O'Clock Shadow'
'Five O'Clock Somewhere'
'Flame Stitch'
'Flash of Light'
'Fluted Fountain'
'Fond Hope'
'Forest Fire' - Clifford's
'Forest Shadows'
'Formal Attire'
'Fort Knox'
'Fortunei Albopicta'
'Fortunei Aureomarginata'
'Fortunei Hyacinthina'
'Fortunei Rugosa'
'Fourth of July'
'Foxfire Divine Winds'
'Foxfire Irish Moon'
'Foxy Doxy'
'Fragrant Blue'
'Fragrant Bouquet'
'Fragrant Dream'
'Fragrant Fire'
'Fragrant King'
'Fragrant Star'
'Fragrant Surprise'
'Fran Godfrey'
'Frances Williams'
'Friar Tuck'
'Fried Bananas'
'Fried Green Tomato'
'Fringe Benefit'
'Frog School'
'Frosted Dimples'
'Frosted Jade'
'Frosty Morn'
'Frozen Margarita'
'Fruit Punch'
'Fused Veins'

'Garden Party'
'Garden Treasure'
'Garnet Prince'
'Gay Blade'
'Gene Summers'
'Geneva Rememberance'
'Gentle Giant'
'George Smith'
'George W'
'Ghost Spirit'
'Gil Jones'
'Gilded Tiara'
'Gilt by Association'
'Gin and Tonic'
'Ginko Craig'
'Ginsu Knife' streaked
'Glacial Lake'
'Glacier Cascade'
'Glad Rags'
'Glen Tiara'
'Goddess of Athena'
'Gold Drop'
'Gold Regal'
'Gold Standard'
'Goldbrook Grebe'
'Golden Aniversary'
'Golden Ballerina'
'Golden Bullion'
'Golden Empress'
'Golden Fascination'
'Golden Friendship'
'Golden Gate'
'Golden Goal'
'Golden Meadows'
'Golden Oriole'
'Golden Prayers'
'Golden Scepter'
'Golden Sculpture'
'Golden Sunburst'
'Golden Surprise'
'Golden Tiara'
'Golden Tusk'
'Gone Fishing'
'Good as Gold'
'Good Golly Miss Molly'
'Gosan Gold Midget'
'Granary Gold'
'Grand Canyon'
'Grand Finale'
'Grand Marmalade'
'Grand Marquee'
'Grand Slam'
'Grand Tiara'
'Grandaddy Red Legs'
'Grant Park'
'Gray Cole'
'Great American Expectations'
'Great Arrival'
'Great Escape'
'Great Expectations'
'Great Lakes Gold'
'Great Plains'
'Green Acres'
'Green Angel'
'Green Army Man'
'Green Dragonet' seedling
'Green Fountain'
'Green Glitter'
'Green Gold'
'Green Kabitan'
'Green Lama'
'Green Marmalade'
'Green Milk'
'Green Mouse Ears'
'Green Piecrust'
'Grey Beauty'
'Grey Ghost'
'Grey Piecrust'
'Ground Sulphur'
'Guardian Angel'
'Gum Drop'
'Gunther's Prize'
'Gypsy Rose'

'Hadspen Blue'
'Hadspen Hawk'
'Hadspen Samphire'
'Hairline Fracture'
'Halcyon' TF1X7
'Hallie's Honor'
'Hanky Panky'
'Happily Ever After'
'Happy Hearts'
'Harriette Ward'
'Harry van de Laar'
'Hart's Tongue'
'Harvest Dandy'
'Heart and Soul'
'Heart Broken'
'Heart's Content'
'Heat Wave'
'Heavenly Beginnings'
'Heavenly Green'
'Heavenly Tiara'
'Hi Ho Silver'
'High Noon'
'High Society'
'Hillbilly Blues'
'Hirao Majesty'
'Hirao Supreme'
'His Honor'
'Holly's Dazzler'
'Holly's Velvet Piecrust'
'Hollywood Lights' PP#17296
'Holy Mole'
'Hoosier Dome'
'Hoosier Harmony'
'Hooties Coal Dust'
'Hot Green Chilies'
'Hub City'
'Hydon Sunset'
'Hyuga Urajiro'

'Ice Age Trail'
'Ice Cream'
'Illicit Affair'
'I'm So Blue'
'Imperial Moth'
'Independence Day'
'Independence' PPAF
'Indian Feather'
'Indiana Moonshine'
'Indy Winner's Circle'
'Inspire Greatness'
'Iris Frazier'
'Irish Eyes'
'Irish Moss'
'Iron Gate Bouquet'
'Iron Gate Delight'
'Iron Gate Supreme'
'Island Charm'
'Island Forest Gem'
'Ivory Necklace'

'J.D's Luck'
'Jack of Diamonds'
'Jade Beauty'
'Jade Cascade'
'Jade Moon'
'Jade Scepter'
'Jane Ward'
'Janet Day'
'Janet's Joy'
'Jason & Katie'
'Jessie James'
'Jewel of the Nile'
'Jim Matthews'
'Jimmy Crack Corn'
'John Denver'
'John Kulpa'
'Johnny Angel'
'Joshua's Banner'
'Journey's End'
'Judy Rocco'
'Julia Hardy'
'Julie Morss'
'June Fever' PPAF
'June Moon'
'Jurassic Park'
'Justa Gigolo'

'Karin' PP12663
'Katherine Lewis'
'Katie Q'
'Katsuragawa Beni'
'Kenzie' streaked
'Key Lime Pie'
'Key West'
kifukurin 'Ko Mame'
'King James'
'King Tut'
'Kingfisher' TF2X17
'Kiwi Blue Ruffles'
'Kiwi Acid Yellow'
'Kiwi Blue Flash'
'Kiwi Blue Marble'
'Kiwi Blue Sunrise'
'Kiwi Citrus'
'Kiwi Forest'
'Kiwi Full Monty'
'Kiwi Hippo'
'Kiwi Kaniere Gold'
'Kiwi Leap Frog'
'Kiwi Milky Way'
'Kiwi Parasol'
'Kiwi Skyscraper'
'Kiwi Treasure Trove'
'Knave's Green'
'Knight's Journey'
'Komodo Dragon'
'Korean Snow'
'Krossa Cream Edge'
'Krossa Regal'
'Krossa Regal' streaked
'Krugerrand' sport

'Lacy Belle'
'Lady Godiva'
'Lady Guinevere'
'Lady in Red'
'Lady Isobel Barnett'
'Lady Liberty's Flame'
'Lake Hitchcock'
'Lakeport Blue'
'Lakeside A Go Go'
'Lakeside Accolade'
'Lakeside April Snow'
'Lakeside Baby Face'
'Lakeside Beach Captain'
'Lakeside Beloved'
'Lakeside Big Scoop'
'Lakeside Black Satin'
'Lakeside Black Satin' sport
'Lakeside Blue Cherub'
'Lakeside Blue Jeans'
'Lakeside Breaking News'
'Lakeside Butter Ball'
'Lakeside Cha Cha'
'Lakeside Coal Miner'
'Lakeside Contender'
'Lakeside Cranberry Relish'
'Lakeside Cupcake'
'Lakeside Cupid's Cup'
'Lakeside Delight'
'Lakeside Dividing Line'
'Lakeside Downsized'
'Lakeside Dragonfly'
'Lakeside Elfin Fire'
'Lakeside Emerald Lights'
'Lakeside Explosion'
'Lakeside Feather Light'
'Lakeside Foaming Sea'
'Lakeside Frosted Mint'
'Lakeside Fruit Loops'
'Lakeside Full Tide'
'Lakeside Gold Point'
'Lakeside Grandee'
'Lakeside Iron Man'
'Lakeside Kaleidoscope'
'Lakeside Knickknack'
'Lakeside Knickknack' reverted
'Lakeside Lagoon'
'Lakeside Legal Tender'
'Lakeside Leprechan'
'Lakeside Limetime'
'Lakeside Little Gem'
'Lakeside Lollipop'
'Lakeside Looking Glass'
'Lakeside Love Affair'
'Lakeside Maestro'
'Lakeside Main Man'
'Lakeside Masterpiece'
'Lakeside Meadow Ice'
'Lakeside Meter Maid'
'Lakeside Miss Muffett'
'Lakeside Missy Little'
'Lakeside Mom'
'Lakeside Neat Petite'
'Lakeside Ninita'
'Lakeside Paddywack'
'Lakeside Party Dress'
'Lakeside Pebbles'
'Lakeside Pincushion'
'Lakeside Premier'
'Lakeside Prissy Miss'
'Lakeside Prophecy'
'Lakeside Prophecy Fullfilled'
'Lakeside Rhapsody'
'Lakeside Ring Master'
'Lakeside Ripples'
'Lakeside Rocky Top'
'Lakeside Round Table'
'Lakeside Roy El'
'Lakeside San Kao'
'Lakeside Sapphire Pleats'
'Lakeside Sassy Sally'
'Lakeside Shadows'
'Lakeside Shockwave'
'Lakeside Shore Master'
'Lakeside Sir Logan'
'Lakeside Small Fry'
'Lakeside Sparkle Plenty'
'Lakeside Spellbinder'
'Lakeside Spruce Goose'
'Lakeside Surf Rider'
'Lakeside Symphony'
'Lakeside Tycoon'
'Lakeside Waterfall'
'Lakeside Zinger'
'Larry Englerth'
'Last Dance'
'Laura and Darrell'
'Leading Lady'
'Lemon Delight'
'Lemon Frost'
'Lemon Lime'
'Lemon Meringue'
'Leola Fraim'
'Let Me Entertain You'
'Lewis & Clark'
'Liberty' PP12531
'Lightning Strikes'
'Li'l Abner'
'Lil' Patriot'
'Lily Pad'
'Lime Fizz'
'Lime Krinkles'
'Lime Piecrust'
'Limey Lisa'
'Little Black Scape'
'Little Blue'
'Little Bo Peep'
'Little Dart'
'Little Doll'
'Little Hobber'
'Little Miss Magic'
'Little Stiffy'
'Little Sunspot'
'Little White Lines'
'Little Wonder'
'Little Wonder Streaked'
'Liverpool White'
'Lochness Blue'
'Lochness Monster'
'London Fog'
'longissima brevofolia'
'Look at That'
'Lookin Pretty'
'Lost World'
'Love of Life'
'Love Pat'
'Lovely Loretta'
'Lovely Rita'
'Lucy Vitols'
'Lucy's Breeder'
'Lunar Magic'
'Lunar Night'
'Lunar Orbit'
'Lunar Sea'

'Mack the Knife'
'Made You Look'
'Maggie May'
'Magic Carpet'
'Magic Fire'
'Maid Marian'
'Mama Mia'
'Manfred's Delight'
'Mango Tango'
'Maple Leaf'
'Marashino Cherry'
'Marbled Cream'
'Mardi Gras Parade'
'Mardi Gras"
'Marilyn Monroe'
'Marquette Park'
'Mary Marie Ann'
'Maui Blue Kitten'
'Maui Buttercup'
'Maui Hana'
'Maui Rains'
'Maya Swingtime'
'Maya Tritone'
'Mayan Moon'
'Medal of Honor'
'Melody of Summer'
'Memories of Dorothy'
'Merry Sunshine'
'Metallic Sheen'
'Midnight at the Oasis'
'Midnight Ride'
'Midnight Sun'
'Midwest Magic'
'Mighty Mite'
'Mikawa-no-yuki '
'Mildred Seaver'
'Millie's Memories'
'Ming Jade'
'Ming Treasure'
'Mint Julep'
'Miss Ruby'
'Miss Saigon'
'Mississippi Delta'
'Mister Watson'
'Mistress Mabel'
'Misty Gold'
'Misty Waters'
'Moby Dick'
'Monica's Golden Crinkles'
montana 'Aureomarginata'
'Montana Moonshine'
'Moody Blues'
'Moon Glow'
'Moon Lily'
'Moon River'
'Moon Shadow'
'Moon Waves'
'Moonlight Sonata'
'More Elegant'
'Morning Light' PPAF
'Mount Everest'
'Mount Tom'
'Mountain Fog'
'Mountain Snow'
'Mountain Sunrise'
'Mourning Dove'
'Muriel Seaver Brown'
'My Child Insooks'
'My Cup of Tea'
'My Darling'

'Nancy Gill'
'Nancy Minks'
'Nate the Great'
'Neat 'n Tidy'
'Neat Splash'
'Neat Splash Rim'
'Niagara Falls'
'Nifty Fifty'
'Night Before Christmas'
'Noah's Ark'
'Noah's Rainbow'
'None Lovlier'
'North Hills'
'Northern Exposure'
'Northern Mist'
'Norwalk Chartruese'
'Nutty Professor'

'Ocean Isle'
'Ogon Amagi'
'Ogon Iwa'
'Ogon Tachi'
'Oh Cindy'
'Oh My Heart'
'Old Faithful'
'Old Glory' PP12503
'Olive Bailey Langdon'
'Olive Branch'
'Olympic Gold Medal'
'Olympic Silver Medal'
'Olympic Sunrise'
'On Stage'
'On the Edge'
'On the Marc'
'One Man's Treasure'
'Ooh La La'
'Opipara Koriyama'
'Orange Crush'
'Orange Marmalade' PPAF
'Orange Slices'
'Oreo Cream'
'Orinoco Flow'
'Otome-no Ka'
'Outer Space'
'Outhouse Delight'
'Over the Waves'
'Ozaki Specila'
'Ozark Welcome'

'Pacific Blue Edger'
'Pandora's Box'
'Paradise Backstage'
'Paradise Expectations'
'Paradise Glory'
'Paradise Island'
'Paradise Joyce'
'Paradise Power'
'Paradise Red Delight'
'Paradise Sandstorm'
'Paradise Sunset'
'Parky's Prize'
'Party Favor'
'Pastures New'
'Patience Plus'
'Patriot's Fire'
'Paul Revere'
'Paul's Glory'
'Peacock Strut'
'Pearl Lake'
'Peedee Dew Catcher'
'Peedee Gold Flash'
'Peppermint Cream'
'Peppermint Ice'
'Permanent Wave'
'Peter Pan'
'Peter Ruh'
'Peter the Rock'
'Pete's Dark Satellite'
'Photo Finish'
'Phyllis Campbell'
'Piecrust Power'
'Piedmont Gold'
'Pineapple Juice'
'Pineapple Poll'
'Pineapple Upside Down Cake'
'Pink Panther'
'Pinky' seedling
'Pinstripe Sister'
'Piper Cub'
'Pistachio Cream'
'Pixie Power'
plantaginea 'Athena'
'Platinum Tiara'
'Plug Nickel'
'Plumb Bob'
'Polar Moon'
'Pooh Bear'
'Potomac Pride'
'Prairie Glow'
'Prairie Sky'
'Praying Hands'
'Prima Donna'
'Prime Meridian'
'Prince of Wales'
'Princess Anastasia'
'Principle's List'
'Purple Dwarf'
'Purple Glory'
'Purple Haze'
'Purple Lady Finger'
'Purple Princess'
'Purple Rain'

'Quarter Note'
'Queen Josephine'
'Queen of the Seas'
'Quilted Cup'
'Quilted Hearts'
'Quilted Skies'
'Quilting Bee'
'Quilting Party'

'Radiant Edger'
'Radio Waves'
'Rain Forest'
'Rainbow's End'
'Rainforest Sunrise'
'Raspberries and Cream'
'Raspberry Sorbet'
'Raving Beauty'
'Ray of Hope'
rectifolia 'Chionea'
rectifolia 'Nakai'
'Red Dragon'
'Red Hot Flash'
'Red Hot Poker'
'Red Neck Heaven'
'Red October'
'Red Sox'
'Red Stem Subcrocea'
'Red Stepper'
'Regal Chameleon'
'Regal Promenade'
'Regal Providence'
'Regal Rhubarb'
'Regal Splendor'
'Remember Me'
'Restless Sea'
'Revolution' PPAF
'Rhapsody in Blue'
'Rhinestone Cowboy'
'Rhythm & Blues'
'Rich Uncle'
'Richland Gold'
'Rising Sun'
'Risky Business'
'Robert Frost'
'Robert's Rapier'
'Robin Hood'
'Rock and Roll' OS
'Rock and Roll' TC
'Roller Coaster Ride'
'Rootin Tootin'
'Rosedale Barnie'
'Rosedale Blend Master'
'Rosedale Doughboy'
'Rosedale Genevieve'
'Rosedale Golden Candlestick'
'Rosedale Knox'
'Rosedale Misty Magic'
'Rosedale Misty Pathways'
'Rosedale Richie Vallens'
'Rosedale Spoons'
'Rosedale Tractor Seat'
'Rosedale Viagara'
'Rough Waters'
'Route 66'
'Royal Flush'
'Royal Quilt'
'Royal Standard'
'Royal Tapestry'
'Royal Tiara'
'Ruffed Up'
'Rufus Rider'
'Russell Lee'
'Rusty Bee'
'Ryan's Big One'

'Sail's Ho'
'Saint Elmo's Fire'
'Sally & Bob'
'Salty Dog'
'Sam Spade'
'Samual Blue'
'Sandhill Crane'
'Sargeant Pepper'
'Satin Bloomers'
'Satin Flare'
'Savannah Supreme'
'Saybrook Surprise'
'School Bus'
'Schwarzer Ritter'
'Sea Aquarius'
'Sea Beacon'
'Sea Dream'
'Sea Fire'
'Sea Frolic'
'Sea Green Zebra'
'Sea Grotto'
'Sea Gulf Stream'
'Sea Hero'
'Sea Lightning'
'Sea Lotus Leaf'
'Sea Mist'
'Sea Monster'
'Sea Octopus'
'Sea Prize'
'Sea Slate II'
'Sea Thunder'
'Sea Tornado'
'Sea Yellow Sunrise'
'Searing Flame'
'Second Wind'
'Secret Love'
'Sentimental Journey'
'September Sun'
'September Sun' sport
'September Surprise'
'Serendipity Singer'
'Seventh Heaven'
'Shade Fanfare'
'Shadow Waltz'
'Shady Affair'
'Sheila McQueen'
'Shells at Sea'
'Sherborne Swan'
'Sherbourne Swift'
'Sherwood Forest'
'Shiny Penny'
'Shirley Vaughn'
'Shiro Tama Nashiki'
'Show Me'
'Shunko Nishiki'
sieboldiana 'Elegans'
sieboldiana 'Mira'
sieboldii 'Kabitan'
sieboldii 'Silver Kabitan'
'Silk Kimono'
'Silver Anniversary'
'Silver Bay'
'Silver Eagle'
'Silver Giant'
'Silver Halo'
'Silver Lance'
'Silver Lode'
'Silver Shadows'
'Silver Streak'
'Silver Threads & Golden Needles'
'Simple Pleasure'
'Sky Dancer'
'Sky Rocket'
'Sleeping Beauty'
'Slick Willie'
'Small Sum'
'Smooth Sailing'
'Snow Flakes'
'Snowy Lake'
'So Sweet'
'Solar Flare'
'Soldier Boy'
'Solo Flight'
'Something Different'
'Southern Gold'
'Space Odyssey'
'Spacious Skies'
'Sparkling Burgundy'
'Spartan Glory'
'Spilt Milk'
'Spinach Patch'
'Spinning Wheel'
'Splashed Leather'
'Splish Splash'
'Split Decision'
'Spring Break'
'Spring Fling'
'Squash Casserole'
'Squire Rich'
'St. Paul'
'Stained Glass'
'Star Dust'
'Starboard Light'
'Stark Naked'
'Step Sister'
'Stepping Out'
'Steve Moldovan'
'Stitch in Time'
'Stolen Kiss'
'Strawberry Delight'
'Stripped Naked'
'Substance Abuse'
'Sugar and Cream'
'Sugar and Spice'
'Sugar Daddy'
'Sum and Substance'
'Sum Cup-O-Joe'
'Sum of All'
'Summer Breeze'
'Summer Concerto'
'Summer Fragrance'
'Summer Joy'
'Summer Music'
'Sun Banner'
'Sun Kissed'
'Sun Power'
'Sunlight Child'
'Sunny Delight'
'Sunny Disposition'
'Sunshine Glory'
'Super Nova'
'Surf and Turf'
'Surfer Dude'
'Surfer Girl'
'Surprised by Joy'
'Swan Lake'
'Sweet Bo Peep'
'Sweet Home Chicago'
'Sweet Innocence'
'Sweet Jill'
'Sweet Standard'
'Sweet Susan'
'Sweet Tater Pie'
'Swirling Hearts'

'T. Rex'
'Tama No Yuki'
'Tappan Zee'
'Tattoo' PP11603
'Teeny Weeny Bikini'
'Teeny Weeny Bikini streaked'
'Temple Bells'
'Tequilla Sunrise'
'The Leading Edge'
'Theo's Blue'
'Three Coins'
'Three Sisters'
'Thunderbolt' PP14232
'Tick Tock'
'Tifney's Godzilla'
'Tijuana Brass'
'Time Tunnel'
'Tiny Temple Chimes'
'Titanic' PP12402
'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Tokudama Flavocircinalis'
'Tom Schmid'
'Tomo Yuki'
'Tootie Mae'
'Topaz Tiara'
'Tortilla Chip'
'Totally Twisted'
'Touch of Class' PP13080
'Toy Soldier'
'Tracy's Emerald Cup'
'Trade Wind'
'Trail's End'
'Treasure' GH 1
'True Blue'
'Tsushimensis PM Stripe'
'Twenty-Four Carat Gold'
'Twilight' PP14040
'Twilight Time'
'Twist of Lime'
'Twisted Sister'
'Tyler's Treasure'

'Unchained Melody'
'Undulata Albomarginata'
'Undulata Univittata'
'Undulata Variegata'
'Unexpected Pleasure'

'Valentine Lace'
'Van Wade'
'Vanilla Cream'
'Variable Sum'
'Velvet Moon'
ventricosa 'Aureomaculata'
ventricosa 'Aureomarginata'
venusta Benedict strain
'Vera Verda'
'Vermont Frost'
'Verna Jean'
'Veronica Lake'
'Versailles Blue'
'Vicki Aden'
'Victory' PPAF
'Viking Ship'
'Vim and Vigor'
'Viola Serenede'

'War Paint'
'War Party'
'Warwick Comet'
'Warwick Curtsey'
'Warwick Delight'
'Warwick Edge'
'Warwick Essence'
'Wavey Leaf'
'Waving Wuffles'
'Wheaton Blue'
'Whirling Dervish'
'Whirlwind Streaked'
'Whirlwind Tour'
'Whiskey Sour'
'White Angel Supreme'
'White Bikini'
'White Christmas'
'White Cloud'
'White Knight'
'White Lightning'
'White On'
'White Shoulders' PP8015
'White Sprite'
'White Wall Tire'
'Wide Brim'
'Wild Bill'
'Will of Fortune'
'William Lachman'
'Willy Nilly'
'Winfield Blue'
'Winfield Mist'
'Wings of Faith'
'Winter Lightning'
'Winter Lightning' sport
'Winter Snow'
'Winter Vision'
'Witches Brew'
'Wooly Mammouth'
'World Cup'
'Worldly Treasure'
'Wrinkles and Crinkles'
'Wylde Green Cream'

'Xanadu Ephemeral Gold'
'Xanadu Paisley'
'Xanadu Virginia Mary'

'Yankee Blue'
'Yellow Boa'
'Yellow Emperor'
'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'
'Yellow River'
'Yellow Splash'
'Yellow Splash Rim'

'Zager's White Edge'
'Zippity Do Dah'
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cbiiidesigns daylily list

Postby whamadiddle » Feb 01, 2005 8:30 am

here is my daylily list:

1 Admirals Braid
2 Age of Elegance
3 Amazing Grace
4 American Original
5 Angelic Messenger
6 Awakening Dream
7 Barbara Mitchell
8 Benchmark
9 Bermese Sunlight
10 Black Eyed Stella
11 Blackthorne
12 Blue Ridge Shepherd Boy
13 Blueberry Candy
14 Border Music
15 Butter Peca
16 Callico Jack
17 Cameroon Night
18 Candy Apple
19 Capistrano Bells
20 Celestial Virtue
21 Cherry Eyed Pumpkin
22 Chicago Apache
23 Chicago Petticoat
24 Chicago Royal Robe
25 Chicago Silver
26 Ciel D'or
27 Clothed in Glory
28 Court Magician
29 Creative Vision
30 Custard Candy
31 David Kirchoff
32 Destined To See
33 Dewberry Candy
34 Divine Promise
35 Double Cutie
36 Douglas Potter
37 Egyptian Queen
38 Elegant Candy
39 Elvin King
40 Etched Eyes
41 Eye to Eye
42 Farmer's Daughter
43 Ferengi Gold
44 Forgotten Blues
45 Francis of Assisi
46 Grand Palais
47 Into the Mystic
48 Just A Stitch
49 Louise Boyd
50 Malaysian Monarch
51 Mary Reed
52 Mary Todd
53 Moonlit Masquerade
54 Moses' Fire
55 Mystical Rainbow
56 Patchwork Puzzle
57 Perfect Pie
58 Persian Market
59 Pretty Gaudy
60 Pumpkin Pie Spice
61 Rainbow Candy
62 Rapid Eye Movement
63 Royal Celebration
64 Ruffled Lemon Lace
65 Ruffled Royalty
66 Rushing Delight
67 Russian Easter
68 Sergeant Major
69 Silver Ice
70 Spring Willow Song
71 Strawberry Candy
72 Strawberry Jazz
73 Swashbuckler Bay
74 Sweet Sugar Candy
75 Thin Man
76 Thunder and Blazes
77 Tigerling
78 Tuscawilla Tigress
79 Two Part Harmony
80 Wild Horses
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Postby Marietta » Feb 06, 2005 4:45 pm

Dear Ken, you are so brave to number each plant on your
list - you that means that if one dies out you will need to
find another to fit into that part of the alphabet! Joke!
My garden is much smaller so hostas and daylilies are the
major interest for me....concentrating on the former now.
It's a lengthy list you typed in - congratulations! Marietta
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Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Hosta

Postby stoomey » Apr 23, 2007 8:42 pm

Good evening Ken-

I noticed your hosta list while surfing the web this evening looking for a particular hosta. I am looking for Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. While I don't have anything to trade, I have just started collecting and my plants are not that mature, I would be interested in purchasing a nice size clump of this hosta - 4 or 5 eyelets and more if possible.

Please drop me an email to let me know if you would or would not be interested.

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Postby eastwood2007 » Apr 24, 2007 9:27 am

WOW!! Ken, I hope you will post some pictures of your gardens. :D
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