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Each member may create their own topic to this forum where they can then post plant lists, personal information pages, and/or photographs to share with other members. Please limit your entry to one topic per member. No selling allowed.

Member Journal Forum

Postby Chris_W » Feb 01, 2005 3:28 pm

Welcome to the Hallson Gardens member pages. Each member may choose to create a topic just for themselves where they can tell us about themselves, share photos, plant lists and trade lists, or anything else that they want. And if you don't want to create a page, that is fine too ;)

If you need photo storage on the net there is an area on MSN created by Deb just for that called Hallson's Happy Hour. This is a great spot to store photos which you can then share or link to here.

When you create your page, make sure you include your username in the topic and put something like "My Page: (your username)". This way if someone wants to find your page it can be easily found doing a search in that format.

The only thing we ask about these pages is that people refrain from selling things or posting links to other nurseries. Keep in mind that even if you are an ebay seller, mention of that would constitute selling here, and that would be a violation of the forum guidelines.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this forum feel free to ask here.

Thanks for joining us at Hallson Gardens! :D

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