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Wholyhosta hosta pages

Postby wholyhosta » Nov 25, 2005 4:02 pm

(I'm posting my hosta list/ trade list combined below).

I have many more plants than the hostas listed below, due to dividing over the years with my original 20-30 varieites, which is what I had before winter 2004-2005. If you look at my list, you can see that I got the bug bad this last winter and went crazy and added over 100 new varieties through trades, online purchases and ordering from hosta growers.

I live on less than 2 acres, in a small wooded subdivision about 65 miles from Atlanta, GA. My husband, Vic, and my son, Gabe, live there with me and our troop of three weinie dogs, named Penny, Shadow, and Diggr, and our two Bassett Hounds, Annibel and Dozer/aka Dodo or Bulldozer- you get the idea!!. We are self-employed, serving the Hispanic community in a nearby town.

I have lots of shade for hostas and companion plants, but have to deal with two issues before I expand, cause I sure have room to expand. One issue is to control or manage the vole problem- they love nice soft dirt, as I found out last year in a bed I put in along our driveway- a vole wiped out 6-7 hostas before I caught him. The hostas that are growing in hard red clay aren't bothered by these varmints!

The other 'problem' needing to be addressed, in a big way, is the poison ivy ground cover we have through much of our woods, especially along the edge of the yard, where there is sunshine to encourage growth. This may take many years to finally subdue.

This winter, 2005-2006, I'm growing hosta seeds, mine from my many crosses this last season, and other seeds from forum members. This is keeping me more than busy enough!! And it's pretty exciting to see what will come up in those seed trays!

I have more hosta trades that will be sent this Spring, when I will add them to the below list.

Hosta List/Trade List 2005

Abba Dabba Do
Alligator Shoes
Alex Summers
Ana Machi
August Moon
Big Daddy
Bill Brinka
Bitsy Gold
Black Hills
Blue Angel
Blue Arrow
Blue Cadet
Blue Mammoth
Bright Lights
Chinese Sunrise
City Lights
Crested Surf
Dancing in the Rain
Dark Star
Delta Dawn
Dick Ward
Dream Weaver
Elvis Lives
Eola Salad Bowl
Eskimo Pie
F. Albomarginata
F. Aureomarginata
Fire and Ice
Fragrant Bouquet
Fried Green Tomatoes
Gay Feather
Ginko Graig
Goddess of Athena
Gold Regal
Gold Standard
Golden Sculpture
Golden Waffles
Golden Tiara
Grand Master
Grand Tiara
Ground Master
Green Piecrust
Hadspen Heron
Hireo Majesty
Jade Cascade
Jimmy Crack Corn
Just So
M. Kikutii
King Michael
Komodo Dragon
Krossa Regal
L. Black Satin
L Kaleidoscope
L. Lollipop
L. Party Dress
L. Premier
L. Spellbinder
Lemon Lime
Little Wonder (m)
Love Pat
Midwest Magic
M. Macrophylla
Mountain Snow
Night B4 Christmas
Pandora’s Box(m)
Party Favor
Piedmont Gold
Pineapple Ups-dwn Cake
Platinum Tiara
Praying Hands
Queen Josephine
Rectifolia Chionea
Red October
Regal Splendor
Royal Standard
Sea Sunrise
Sea Thunder
Second Wind
Shade Fanfare
Shiny Penny
Spring Fling
Stained Glass
Sugar Daddy
Summer Music
Sun Power
Sum and Substance
Tall Boy
Tea and Crumpets
Temple Bells
Touch of Class
Twist of Lime
U Albomarginata
V. Aureomarginata

New for 2006

Alan B McConnell (trade)
Ann Kulpa
Austin Dickinson
Blue Monday
Blue Moon
Blue Mouse Ears
Bobbie Sue
Bold Ruffles
Brenda’s Beauty
Choo Choo Train
Cinnamon Sticks
Clifford’s Forest Fire
Cross Stitch
Cutting Edge
Deep Pockets
Deja Blu
Devon Green
Dragon Wings
Early Sunrise
Ebb Tide
Emerald Ruff Cut
Emerald Sceptors
Fair Maiden
Fat Cheeks
Fire Island
Formal Attire
Garnet Prince
Gemini Moon
Gilt by Association
Grand Marquee
Grand Slam
Green Acres
Grey Ghost
Gypsy Rose
Hadspen Blue (trade)
Hart’s Tongue
Heavenly Tiara
Illicit Affair
Katsuragawa Beni
Katie Q (trade)
Lakeside Sparkle Plenty (trade)
Lilypad (trade)
Little Aurora (trade)
Mount Tom
Neat Splash Rim (trade)
Nigrescens ‘Elatior’
Ogon Koba
Old Glory
Olive Branch
Olive Bailey Langdon
One Man's Treasure
Pilgrim (trade)
Quilting Bee
Regal Promenade (trade)
Regal Rhubarb
Royal Flush
Rufus Rider
Sea Gulf Stream
Silver Halo
So Sweet (trade)
Squash Casserole
Sweetie (trade)
Swoosh (trade)
Wylde Green Cream
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Yellow River
Zippity Do Dah (trade)
Streaker seedlings (trade)

If you see something you'ld like to trade, PM me!
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Wholyhosta hosta pages



Postby thy » Jan 14, 2006 9:10 pm

So glad we do not have poison ivy here, just the normal one, which can be lovely or hard enougn to fight

Wish I had just a bit of your land, but with your great way to do a combined hosta/ trade list I am sure you will get enough hostas :D

Growing seeds in wintertime is fun and do help to keep the blues away...good luck

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Postby wholyhosta » Jul 05, 2006 2:59 pm

I think I finally have my list updated! The ones I seen to miss regularly are my "oldies" that I've had for years!

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Postby wholyhosta » Aug 28, 2006 11:48 am

This year I added some planting boxes for many of the seedlings that I grew over the winter- six of them, 3' x 5' x 10"- bottom covered with hardware cloth to keep out the voles.

I also added a large bed along my driveway 25' x 3'. I planted about 30 hosta, 6 Brugmansias, and some butterfly bushes on both ends. So far, the Brugs are providing shade, as I planned and they are spaced far enough from the hosta that the heavy feeding schedule (2x a week) doesn't effect the hosta.

Then, since I still had many of my new hosta waiting in pots, I started expanding my current beds. I've added anywhere from 2' to 3' in depth and have run the entire length of the beds- this means I have added a total of over 100', to a depth of 2 0r 3 '. Most of my new hosta are now in the ground and I'm tucking a few of my nicer seedlings here and there.

We have our first frost November 15th but many of my hosta have suffered from our drought and high temps. So they are not looking their best. And I have not been able to hybridize all June, July and August, due to the heat. I will make a few crosses in September and October but don't have nearly the seeds that I had last year. This is very disappointing :(

Oh, well, next year, right?!! All will be bigger and better than ever!
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