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PostPosted: May 08, 2006 12:24 pm
by wishiwere
I believe this is the entire list :D

Wish list:
Anything streaky at all :D
Anything Blue I don't have :)
Especially anything blue with streaks, or similar marking :)

Currently Hosta List of Do-Haves 75 :)
* 2006 Spring Secret Trades
** 2006 Summer Secret Trades

Abiqua Moonbeam
Alex Summers
August Moon

Big Daddy
Blue Angel
Blue Boy (or so I've been told by the forum members :)
Blue Mouse Ears *
Blue Plate Special **
Brim Cup
Brother Ronald **

Crowned Imperial

Darwin's Standard (3)
Dorothy Benedict Seedlings (only 3 yr old)

Elegan (most likely an imposter though! :x )

Fire & Ice (small eyes that are dwindling year by year, increasing after moving last fall)
Francee (or so the tag said? :roll: )
Francis Williams (2006)

Gold Standard
Golden Tiara (2) *
Great Expectations

Halycon (most everyone says, still not sure it's that!)
Harvest Dandy
Honeybells (9 old ones)
Hoosier Harmony (3)
Hyacinthina (or is supposed to be anyway :)

Ice Age Trail (2006)
Island Charm (Nope, lost this one! :o)

Korean Snow (2) *
Korean Snow x Yankee Blue seedling(2006 Hallson Event Auction-1/2 w/ Wanda)-a John C.(jaspersail product:D)
Krossa Regal (3)

Lake Side Cha-Cha

Mack the Knife (2006)
Mama Mia
Midwest Magic **

Obsession (split with Lucy at 2006 Hallson Event Trade)

Paul's Glory
Piedmont Special
Pixie Vamp (2006)
Popo (2006)

Queen Josephine

Rascal (2006 Hallson Event Trade)
Red Neck Heaven(2006 Hallson Trade)-Owe LG an eye:D
Red October
Regal Rhubarb **
Regal Splendor (2)
Reptillian **
Royal Standard (3)

Savannah Supreme (2006 Hallson Event Auction)
Sea Fire
Sherbourne Swan **
September Sun
Shade Fanfare
Snow Cap
Sum and Substance

Thunderbolt (2)
Tidewater (2006 Hallson event Auction)
Tokudama Flavocircinalis

Undulata Albomarginata
Undulata Univittata
Undulata Variegata

Venetian Blue*

Whirlwind (2)
Wide Brim
Wylde Green Cream

Yellow Splash Rim

PostPosted: Jun 22, 2006 10:17 pm
by wishiwere
What fun! Patsue was my very first Secret Trader through Hallson (2006). The hosta on my list with a * are the ones she sent and are a very welcomed addition as is the cute little butterly pot hanger she sent with them and their name tags! :)

Updated: Sent were:
Blue Mouse Ears
Golden Tiara
Korean Snow
Venetian Blue

All great hosta I have truly enjoyed :D Thanks again Patsue! :)

PostPosted: Jul 18, 2006 8:59 am
by wishiwere
A group pic of the 2006 Summer Secret Trade which arrived yesterday, July 17th from Marsha (aka Hostamom)!

Also included was a neat birdhouse gourd for me to create home for our many splendored friends we have here! :D Thanks Marsha!

Additions were:
Blue Plate Special
Brother Ronald
Midwest Magic
Regal Rhubarb
Sherbonne Swan

Very nice! They all look great, despite having lost their shade protection for an entire summer! :D THank again, Marsha!