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Maidofshade's Page

Postby maidofshade » Sep 17, 2006 3:03 pm

My name is Cheryl and I live right outside the small town in Minnesota where I grew up. I am married to a fellow garden lover named Tom. Have 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. We started out with a little over 2 1/2 acres which was an alfalfa field. It has since dwindled down to a little over an acre and one half due to property disputes and one major highway expansion. But we are blessed now with a plethera of large shade trees ( all planted from meager sticks) unfortunately a couple are nasty maples one of which will meet his demise later this year!! As the trees grew the shade increased and so did my garden spaces. What started out as a way to camoflage an old burn sight and some ugly views in the back yard has turned in to almost 30 years of planting just one more flower or tree. However as the trees grew the shade increased and what seemed like a problem has now opened up a love of the shady way to garden. I have always admired hostas and even had a few (honeybells was my first) I couldn't imagine that I would ever be caught up in such a quest. The Varieties!! The Colors!! The Sizes!! You know the drill. Just one of these please. Did you see that one. And so here I am. Digging up new spaces and looking for ways to make more shade! We are members of the Minnesota Landscape Arboreteum and I have always made a beeline to the hosta glade as soon as the car stopped moving. I am happy with the progress I have made this year and have a quest for more knowledge and of course (More Plants!!)
Can't wait to see the new growth (hopefully)this spring. I have gained alot of ideas and dreams for the future from all of you on the Hosta Forum.
I will post a list of hostas I have as soon I can figure out how to get it from the database I have started.
Gardening is one of the most worthwhile pastimes I have and a way to make the world just a little bit better one little piece at a time.[list]

My Hosta List:
alligator shoes
august moon
allegan fog
f.albo picta
brim cups
birchwood parky's gold
big and blue
blue angel
blue cadet
bold ribbons
christmas tree
fringe benefit
francis williams
formal attire
frosted dimples
fireworks (all green??)
golden tiara
gold standard
gold edger
green gold
grand master
hadspen blue
june fever
krossa regal
knock out
love pat
lakeside symphony
on stage
olive bailey langdon
pauls glory
pineapple upside down cake
pearl lake
queen josephine
royal standard
regal splendor
sum and substance
sea octopus
sun power
stained glass
so sweet
st elmos fire
tokadama flav.
tick tock
wide brim
yellow splash rim
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Maidofshade's Page



Postby maidofshade » Mar 02, 2007 7:52 pm

Here is what I am adding for 2007.
And I am pretty sure I have the 50 Pots :lol: :lol:
Abba Dabba Do
Abiqua Drinking Gourd
Allen P McConnell
Amber Maiden
Aspen Gold
Baby Bunting
Black Hills
Blue Dimples
Blue Jay
Blue Moon
Blue Wedgewood
Candy Hearts
Choo Choo Train
Dew Drop
Elvis Lives
Fair Maiden
Fan Dance
Feather Boa
Fragrant Blue
Fragrant Bouquet
Frosted Jade
Ginko Craig
Gold Drop
Gold Regal
Great Expectations
Hills Sporty
Just So
King Tut
Midas Touch
Peter Pan
Sea Lotus Leaf
Shimmering Silk
Twist of Lime
Vanilla Cream
Venusta Lilac
Vera Verde
Verna Jean
Veronica Lake
Wheaton Blue
Wogon's Gold

Not quite 50 know...more are sure to turn up!
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Postby thy » Mar 12, 2007 6:27 pm

Sounds like a great place and I would love to have just a little bit of your space :wink:

And a good list, lots of lovely hostas :D
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Postby maidofshade » Mar 19, 2007 7:22 pm

Thanks Thy and thanks for the advice on the clay soil! I have added pine mulch and sharp builders sand and alot of composted matter to my newest clay bed and will keep it mulched and hopefully have success. I have started my first growing spot in the worst soil imaginable but wanted something pretty there cause the spot was so ugly and now after about 25 years you can literally sink your hands into rich fluffy soil. I know it can be done but it ain't easy :wink: I was hoping for a miracle cure but should have known better. I am losing some shade this year we are cutting out a huge silver maple with it's water sucking roots tommorrow but will fill in with some trellises and make some man made shade untill I can get some trees to shade my hostas. It will be a challenge but that is the fun of gardening! Happy Spring 8-) 8-) It will be in the 60's here by this weekend and my snow is almost all gone. I have a couple of brave daffodils coming up and can't wait to get back to the gardens!! Aren't Hosta People the Best!! :wink:
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