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Help identifying suspicious leaves for HVX

PostPosted: Apr 20, 2017 3:49 pm
by Jenaten
Hello! I am new to the forum but I've been collecting hostas for a few years. I have tried to consistently be on the lookout for the signs of HVX showing in any of my hostas since some of them do come from bigger box stores. Sure enough, the ones from less reputable places are showing some suspicious markings and I would love some help identifying if this is HVX. I may be overreacting but would love to get these out of my bed if they are infected.

I will post the following pictures in order:
Queen Josephine hosta - only two leaves showing these odd ripples.
Lakeside Banana Bay - several mature leaves showing cellular damage along veins. Have not seen this in the younger leaves.
Stained Glass - A few mature leaves showing cellular damage.

Re: Help identifying suspicious leaves for HVX

PostPosted: Apr 21, 2017 12:38 pm
by Chris_W

The first one looks like maybe the leaf was unfurling weird and just didn't come out smoothly. I don't see any definite sign of HVX.

The second two look like cold damage - cold may have settled into the veins after it had unfurled. Did you have some really cold nights after leafing out?

That's all I see :D


Re: Help identifying suspicious leaves for HVX

PostPosted: Apr 22, 2017 9:01 am
by Jenaten
Thanks, Chris. I am relieved to know that you don't see and virus signs. My hostas all got an early start this year due to a warm March. And we did experience some nights in the 40s during April after many had come up. Maybe that's what happened. Thank you! This is a great forum. :)